Today the students visited the cities of Kirovsk and Shlisselburg . Kirovsk is located on the left high Bank of the Neva river, near lake Ladoga . Kirovsk – a city with a rich military history. Near the city there is the reserve Museum «the Breakthrough of the siege of Leningrad», created on the site of fierce battles for Leningrad in the years of the great Patriotic war. .
Shlisselburg (in a translation from the German – Schlüsselburg-«fountainhead
city») – the City was founded by the Novgorod Kniaz Yuri Danilovich in 1323, laying on the island “Nut” (here grew a lot hazel – hazelnut) wooden fortress. She was called by the name of the island “Nut “. In 1353 Novgorodians have laid a stone fortress, built the fortress walls and towers.
The Swedes are go to besieged “Nut”, seeking to oust the people of Novgorod from the sea, and he repeatedly passed from hand to hand. In 1613, during the Swedish intervention, the fortress was captured by the Swedes. They renamed it Noteburg
In 1702 отвоеван the Swedes Peter I, who gave the city its present name . The area near the fortress on the left Bank of the Neva river, was inhabited by almost simultaneously with the “Nut “.

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