Common photo_2

This cloudy Saturday (February 02) we went on excursion to the first in Russia photogallery YellowKorner.

 With galleries in the entire world, YellowKorner presents a wide panorama of contemporary photography worldwide. This is the first gallery which takes the author’s picture available to wide audience. YellowKorner exhibits and sells the photos released by limited circulation, thus each of them has the unique number and is accompanied by the authenticity certificate. The staff of gallery helped us during our  visit and guide us in our discoveries. We  saw many of interesting works: photos of the wild nature, fashion photo,  sity and industial, portraits and landscapes.It was very interesting.  And each of the girls chose 2-3 favourite  works which like them most of all.

After that, we  went to cafe where moved all pictures from the camera to the laptop, drank tea and played interesting board games. We also had a small photoshoot in the tram and  met many picturesque characters on our way back .


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