Cosmopolitan? :)

This lesson was rather difficult. First we discussed the invention of photography. Then we learned new terms: aperture, shutter speed, depth of field. We disassembled the film camera Zenit. Girls opened the aperture on the objective themselves and found, that thei could see the inverted image looking through the the objective. To strengthen knowledge we have moved to the practice. The dall Marusia came to the photosession to girls. She lost her eyelashes due to excitement. She liked her portraits that were made by girls. The cars, the motobike and the horse also participated in the photosession. Girls studied to make pictures with maximum closed and open aperture. Everyone was succesful. In the end of the lesson we’ve got few time to choose the name of our team. Probably the name would be Cosmopolitan. 

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One thought on “Cosmopolitan? :)

  1. I like it. The pictures are really like pro. I suggest you to made video as well of the making off. The Nikon V1 is easy for film video. Try and publish here. Best!

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