A good start!

It is always interesting to meet new people and more than that it is always interesting to meet new children! Children are our future!
Yesterday we met with some nice girls from a city orphanage. Some of them already knew something about photography and already tried to take pictures. Those girls came to ask with one question – how to make their photos better? Some girls are only forming their interest for photography.
We told them about PhotoYouth project so they started to call us “project people”.
We also showed them pictures made by famous and not so famous photographers and a little bit discussed with them the pictures. We agreed that during our classes we will work for perfection. Girls liked books and magazines that we had brought. After we briefly explained to the girls how to use cameras we asked them to tell us using the cameras how they live. After 15 minutes we got photo – stories about the girls’ lives. Each story was interesting: some of them short, some of them long. We learned about the seal Josephine and the nameless bear, about lonely rabbit and a rat. They also showed us the relaxation room, a jukebox in the dining room and a few secret stories.


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