First meeting

My first meeting with a group of girls from the orphanage was … odd. I talked a lot, and the girls were silent. At first I was scared: what if they did not talk to me!
The girls got used to me.
They were watching me – if I could trust. Each new person makes them suspicious.

But, as I think,  I passed the test.
After 30 minutes, all my students were standing around me, listened, talked, asked, surprised.
At first I told them about photography. Then we watched the pictures, which I printed for them. Then the girls took up the camera and we went to take pictures.And at the end of the session, we copied the photos into the laptop and started the discussion.
All photos you see today, did my students. And then I cropped them a little bit in Photoshop.
I gave the girls their homework. For the next lesson they will be photographed, and we’ll discuss it.

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